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Where is the venue?

145 South Circular road

Is there a BOX OFFICE phone number?

Yes. Our dedicated Irish box office is 01-9060111

Click HERE to call the Box Office


Can I phone The National Stadium?

As it's an independent production company hiring the venue, 

any queries to do with the show should be directed to the 

BOX OFFICE 01-9060111


Is there wheelchair access?

Yes. We have 8 wheelchair spaces per show. 

An usher will help guide you there and offer as much assistance 

as might be required.


Is there a lost and found?

Yes. Call our onsite BOX OFFICE, 

which is based in the foyer for the run of the show. 


Is there parking?

We have FREE parking for about 70 cars. 

Plus there's lots and lots of on street parking.

We've noticed the car park tends to fill up 20 mins before the show starts.


What time does the show actually start ?

Doors open 45 mins before the show .: Eg. Doors open at 5.45pm for the 6.30pm which starts at 6.30pm sharp.


How long is the show and is there an interval?

Yes. Each Act is one hour long plus a 15 minute interval for a running time of 2hrs 15 mins.


Can I call to the stadium and buy tickets ?

Yes. Our dedicated BOX OFFICE is in the venue every day from 

1.30pm till 8.45pm 


Do I need to print off my tickets ?

No. Just have the electronic tickets that were sent to you by email.


Is this the Cheerios panto / Tivoli theatre panto ?

Yes. Everything is the same. Same production company with the same 

talented crew. ..except Cheerios no longer sponsor.


Is there food sold at the venue?

Yes. Popcorn, candy floss, the usual sweets and chocolate bars plus water, fizzy drinks and who doesn’t want a nice cup of Tea or coffee...all available.

(No hot food is sold as we don't want to have unsavoury smells)


Can I buy tickets at the door?

YES. We will also hold tickets, if you're calling our 

BOX OFFICE for that days shows.  


Are there Family tickets?

Yes. However, unlike most theatres where u have to buy these in a set of 4 (usually 2 adults and 2 children) to avail of Family ticket rates, we have €25 Family rate where you can buy any number of tickets and get the family rate.

(They are in a set section of the venue..and are good seats)


Who's in the show?

Alan Hughes is Sammy Sausages. Rob Murphy is Buffy. Una Healy is The Fairy Queen. Johnny Ward is Baron Creepie Crawley. Conor Clear is Jack. Megan Maher is Jill. Conor O'Brien and Adam Finn are Tik & Tok


Who writes the show?

Karl Broderick is the longest running panto writer in Ireland..

and only writes for this panto which he has done so for 25 years.


Who directed the panto?

Funnyman Simon Delaney.


Who choreographed ?

Paul Ryder..who's been with us for 20 years.


What songs are in the panto ?

We have a great mix of new chart songs and oldies but goodies and our M.D Ross O'Connor has been with us for over 20 years.


Is Una Healy pre-filmed?

Yes. She is a fully interactive 3D hologram. 

The powers of modern technology.


What are you called on social media?

On Facebook and Instagram and Tiktok we are


Can I exchange my tickets?

This is done on an individual basis...and we try to be as understanding as possible. Phone the BOX OFFICE on 01-9060111 

and we will do our best to help.


What is next year's show?

Sammy & Buffy in Beauty & the Beast


What ages is the panto suited for?

We have 18 month old’s dancing in the aisles. 

We pride ourselves on entertaining adults as well as children.


Are there toilets?


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